Casting Call - Women and Children

Following a very successful casting evening for men, we are delighted to announce that  our spring production of The Music Man will be going ahead.

Exciting news from us is that we are holding a launch for children and Ladies!

Children and Parents please be at St Wilfrids Church Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 6th January, so that we can explain what we want and  give the children a chance to sing through the music required.  We will only keep them for an hour and we would like the parents to stay and hear what is going on.  Please note ~ the minimum age for  children this production is eight years.

Following this, on Friday January 9th, we'll be holding actual auditions for children.  We'd like to ask that bring their children (and stay for the duration) for 7pm.  Ladies, please arrive for a run-through of the show, and to hear from our director Kathryn, starting from 8:30pm.

All the Adults  please note your auditions are on TUESDAY 13th January starting at 7.30pm.